We all want to live in an independent world without borders. Life defines your daily activities without minimizing anything. When entering the computer world, we will encounter a lot of programs and application systems every day. Many of them are not free to use so you will have a limited edition in most cases.

We know that most of the Microsoft products we use today aren’t always free. At least after a certain period, you’ll have to pay for the full version.

If not, then you need a product with the following content: Trial version: Minimal features and annoying popup notifications, that’s where KMSpico comes in at your help. It can work not only on Windows Operating System (Ex: 10, Vista, 7) but can also be used with all Microsoft products.

KMSpico is a software tool that allows you to activate multiple versions of Microsoft Windows and Office. Emulates a real KMS server (Key Management Service) on a local computer and enables activation of installed Windows and Office products without any form of locking or cracking.

With this tool, you can use it for life without purchasing an active product from Microsoft. It is entirely free of viruses and malware and is trusted by many people.

What is KMSpico How Does It Work?

To understand what the concept of KMSPico is, we first need to know how KMS works.

As we know, Microsoft works with people all over the world. As a result, these companies’ employees have a hard time verifying the Windows or any other product they are using. To solve the problems of these companies, Microsoft uses A Key Management Server (KMS)

This way, you can activate Windows without entering a Windows product key, but the server will activate Microsoft products through the KMS server. Volume licensing products operate on activation, so each company uses a KMS server rather than purchasing Windows separately for each system. It also works in the same way. It Connects to the KMS server and shows the windows that are a part of the KMS server.

When you buy a Windows or Microsoft product, you get a trial copy. Some of them have a key; if not, it will end after a while.

The trial version remains for about 30 days. After the trial period ends, you need to activate the product to use more features. Once the trial version terminates, you will not be able to use some features of Windows or MS Office, in which case you will need an activator to be able to use the product for life.

KMS Pico is an example of software that allows the users to activate and Work on Microsoft products for free, and the user can use it for their whole life. There are many other tools on the Internet; that allows users to activate. However, most of these programs may have Trojans and malware that can destroy your computer.

KMS activation is safe and legal. (For testing purposes only) The software can be activated for 180 days.

After this period, the KMSpico service running in your PC background will automatically reactivate Microsoft products over the next 180 days to ensure that your Windows and Office installations do not expire.

KMSpico Features

KMSpico has some great features that you are going to love, and some of them are as follows:

Activate Windows & Office Products

It can help you revitalize Windows and your office products. With this tool, you can use it for life without purchasing a Microsoft Activator product. It also activates windows automatically upon update. You do not have to do this step again.

Lifetime Activation

it’s free. Get all paid features of ms office and windows for free. It is the free lifetime solution for Windows and Office and Supports multiple OS This tool supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems. No training is required You don’t have to be trained for this or to have any software knowledge to operate this tool. This is a very simple and easy-to-use tool. Activating Windows is just a few steps.

Activate Windows 10

This activation program is the best to activate Windows 10 for free, and you can get the key for free.

No cost

This is a free and free tool for life. This tool can be used anytime, anywhere, for free. Activate Windows 10 This activation program is the best to activate Windows 10 for free, and you can get the key for free.

Download KMSpico Setup

Download KMSPico

KMSpico is available on the official website. When you do not download this software from the official site, it can damage your computer. Unfortunately, people are still browsing the KMSPico download site to fix these limitations and try Windows or Microsoft products for free. Hackers can mask malware in this tool and distribute it via torrent or similar unsafe websites.

Once the download is done, follow the steps to install KMSpico on windows.

First of all, you need to turn off your firewall and antivirus software. (Do not worry; it is not a Trojan malware or a virus. Otherwise, your antivirus will block it knowing that it is running on Windows.

If you are using Windows 10, follow the steps below to turn off your antivirus temporarily

  • Search for virus and threat protection settings
  • Now click on “virus and threat protection.”
  • Then turn off the real-time protection.
  • Once the download is done, install it as you would any other program.
  • When the installation is complete, go to the installation directory. (The manual can be found in C / ProgramFiles / KMSPico (x84 or x32) C / ProgramFiles (x84) / KMSPico (x64).
  • Now locate KMSeldi.exe and double click it to open it.
  • If you need administrative rights, do so!

How to Activate Windows with KMSpico

Go to the start menu and Search for KMSpic After this, a new window will pop up, and a red button will appear.


Just click on the red button, and it will only take a few seconds to activate. When finished, you will hear a beep that says the program is over!


Now you have successfully activated the window.

To activate MS Office, you must first open a program like Microsoft Excel or Word, and then follow the above steps to activate. Once you are done, restart your computer. Now check if the windows are working.

To confirm activation, right-click on “My Computer” and go to “Properties.”


All Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office lifecycle features are now available.

Points of strength and weakness

Firstly we will discuss the points of strength of this program.


KMSPico offers many benefits from other active agents; here are some key points about this tool. It can be compared with other triggers as needed.

  • Use less space on your computer. KMSPico only takes up 5MB of space on your computer.
  • Public access
  • This tool does not contain any form of viruses and malware.
  • Safe and easy to use. This tool does not collect your personal information.
  • Multiple language support This method is suitable for people who do not speak English.
  • Can this tool help you activate x84-bit or x64-bit versions of Microsoft Office (365 from 2010 to 2016)? This tool will automatically detect the product version.
  • Completely free from viruses and malware
  • You don’t need an internet connection to use this launcher. It is a completely free (offline) tool.
  • The tool provides real and safe activation. You don’t need to care about being caught for any illegal activity.
  • NET Framework 4.0 or higher is required to run properly.


We couldn’t find anything because it is free and does not contain any malware tools on this tool’s downside. Do you want anything else?

Supported products

KMSpicos is the most reliable activation tool because it activates Windows and activates Office as well. Here is the list of all the products which this Activator Sponsors:


Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2013

MS Office 2010

MS Office 2007

Windows 10

Windows Vista

MS Office 365

Latest Windows 8.1

Windows 8

Microsoft Word

How to Uninstall Kmspico from the Computer

There are many methods to uninstall the KMSpico activator from your computer. The following process told us the path to uninstall KMSpico from the system.

  1. First of all, click the Windows logo key and then select “R” to begin the “Run” command.
  2. Next, enter “Appwiz.cpl” in the provided area.
  3. Lastly, see the KMSPico app and click on the “Uninstall” option.
  4. Soon, the KMSPico will be uninstalled from your machine successfully.

Is KMSpico a Virus?

KMSPico is not a virus or malware. Antivirus programs seldom detect KMSpico as malware because this software needs to make some changes in the operating system’s registry files to do the activation without a purchased key. That is the only reason the original KMSpico identifies as a virus.

It could be dangerous only when you do not get it from official developers. The Internet contains lots of scam websites full of malware and ransomware that appears to be genuine cracks, patches, and activators, which make your device full of viruses instead of getting your software or operating system activated.

It is perfectly safe to use KMSPico because it is a constantly maintained and renewed tool.

Is KMSpico Safe?

Whenever you try to install the KMSpico activator on your system, the Windows Defender or any other security solution installed on your system would raise the alarm and point it out as a threatening application. Because of this reason, many users claim that KMSpico actually contains a virus or malware and refuse to install it.

However, in reality, the reason for such alarms is not that KMSpico contains malicious files. It is because for activating Microsoft’s services, the KMSpico activator needs to amend some internal system settings. Windows Defender and some other security programs identify such abilities as harmful to the computer.

That is why it is advised to temporarily disable the Defender and other security programs while using the KMSpico. After the activation is successfully performed, security programs can be enabled again. 

However, this does not mean that KMSpico is safe. The KMSpico itself might not be a virus, but its installer can contain or introduce malicious files or programs.

This will happen when you download the installer file from untrustworthy sources that are malicious and intended to harm your device. Cybercriminals always look for different ways through which they can spread their malware programs.

They target the popular applications and create their maligned version. Next, they trick the users into downloading the maligned version and installing it. The same case is with the KMSpico.

 Since it is a popular application, which is downloaded by millions of users, many fake variants are spread across the Internet. Users who download and install fake KMSpico can infect their system with harmful programs such as Trojans, Ransomware, Spyware, etc. The reason for the widespread fake version of KMSpico is that there is no official site for its download.

Wrapping Up

Now using the simple and easiest guide, we learned about KMSpico. Although I have mentioned it too properly and included screenshots if you have any issues, I’m sure you read this article completely and succeeded in installing it.

Besides this, there are many other things that I have discussed in this article, which you should know, like features, installation, pros and cons, window activation, etc. KMSpico is a trustworthy software if you download it from a secure and genuine source.

All these things are necessary that you need to know, so make sure to go above and read this article again.

Furthermore, even if you are having some problems after reading this article, you can ask it in the comments section below. I will be very happy to learn from my visitors and try my best to answer the questions you are looking for or provide instructions regarding the problem you are facing.